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Ayana Ross

In her figurative work and portraiture, representational artist Ayana Ross (M.F.A. painting) explores the human experience, engaging issues of race, family, and heritage in the American South. Ross has exhibited her work in shows and galleries throughout the region. Her commissioned works are held in various private collections. In addition to her painting and printmaking practice, Ross teaches secondary art education. She lives and works in Metro Atlanta.

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Featured artist

Edgar Sanchez Cumbas

Edgar Sanchez Cumbas (B.F.A., illustration, 1994) manipulates paint, found objects, and drawing in an expressive, non-objective art practice. Many of his paintings incorporate layers upon layers of thick impasto, which accumulate into abject allusions to skin and human bodies. His choice to work in abstraction in tandem with his raw use of materials offers a deep commentary on subjects like colorism, identity, and pervasive racism. Sanchez Cumbas’ paintings have been collected nationally and internationally for more than 20 years, and his work has been presented in numerous group and solo exhibitions. He lives and works in Tampa, Florida.

Sanchez Cumbas’ exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art, No. This Is Not the Color of Flesh, is on view through Nov. 8.

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